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Lawyer supported mediation

We are mediators and divorce/family lawyers committed to making family law services more affordable and tailored to meet your needs.  If you need help resolving child arrangements or finances, we can help you make informed decisions on fixed fee terms.

That’s because we offer an end-to-end service called Lawyer-Supported Mediation which combines fixed fee legal advice with family mediation. Our aim is to offer you a professional one stop shop service which meets the needs of many families who are involved in disputes following either a marriage or relationship break up. Ideally, we wish to keep you out of court and your fees to be kept to a minimum.

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If any of the following applies to you, then Lawyer-Supported Mediation could be the right place to start, if:
  • You need help resolving child arrangements and/or finances.
  • You don’t have £5,000 to £10,000 to pay a divorce lawyer.
  • You want an outcome you think is fair.

What is Lawyer-Supported Mediation?

We begin by offering you a mediation information and assessment meeting  with an experienced family mediator. The mediator will listen to your concerns, answer any questions and explain the mediator’s role within Lawyer-Supported Mediation to help you decide whether the approach is right for you. The Mediator also provides an estimate of the fixed mediation costs.

Following your assessment meeting with the mediator, you can be introduced to a lawyer (called a “first participating lawyer”) who will provide a written estimate detailing your total fixed legal fees.

If you wish to proceed, the mediator can then offer your separating partner (“the second party”) an identical mediation assessment meeting with the same mediator. We can then arrange to introduce the second party to a “second participating lawyer” in order to explore the opportunities of engaging in Lawyer-Supported Mediation as a means of reaching agreement. That lawyer will also discuss with the “second party” the total fixed legal fees.

Your introduction to Lawyer-Supported Mediation concludes with you both deciding whether the approach is right for you.

As a mediation service, at Wynn Mediation , we provide Lawyer Supported Mediation whereby clients are given the opportunity to mediate and also to have solicitors acting by their side to support them when they have chosen to follow the mediation route.

As mediators, we advocate this process because no matter how skilled your “participating lawyers” are, a family mediator brings separate skills to the family justice process. At Wynn Mediation our mediators are trained specifically to work with separating partners. In 2012/13, over two-thirds of people who began mediation went on to reach agreement.

At Wynn Mediation, you will have your say and be heard. You will also have the benefit of  fixed fee legal advice to enable you to make informed decisions about what you need for the future.

 The “participating solicitors” who offer this supportive role to their clients will be committed to giving their individual clients legal advice throughout the mediation process and to give clients confidence to continue in the negotiations.

Tricia Muzalewski, Director of Wynn Mediation, has been mediating with clients since 1998. She has also been a qualified solicitor since 1993. As a mediator, Tricia acts on an impartial basis with her clients providing information and guidance through discussions and financial disclosure, as appropriate. It is ideal therefore for clients to be given the opportunity to have their own solicitors involved so they can seek partial legal advice at appropriate stages and on a fixed cost basis.

It is vital that “participating solicitors” who work with mediators in Lawyer Supported Mediation are cognisant with the mediation process and that clients who come to mediate must be respected to carry out their own negotiations so they can retain dignity and respect for each . This has a long lasting effect on not only the future of their own relationship (usually as parents) but also their future relationship with family members.

The best mediation is conducted by a mediator who also feels supported by the lawyers so that everybody is working towards a “mediated” outcome which their legal advisers will commit to as an effective way of helping both clients arrive at a fair and rational settlement which can be upheld by the court in due course, as appropriate.

Where Does The Mediation Take Place?

The role of a mediator is carried out in a cost effective way and takes place in the mediation centre of Wynn Mediation . The parties meet in neutral and dedicated surroundings at 3 Alexandra Street, Southend On Sea, Essex SS1 1BX. They are offered space and are presented with an opportunity to work without fear of being pressurised into agreeing a settlement or even an arrangement for their children which they either do not understand, or do not want.

Mediation is acknowledged to be a viable alternative to going to court.

Court is the domain of lawyers where parties rely solely on their advocates to act in their best interests. This can be very expensive. Not all clients need a shield and many wish to be responsible for their own outcomes, especially when divorce and separation affects their families. These cases can go wrong and there is a need for people to receive structured legal advice in order to arrive at a negotiated satisfactory outcome.
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