Cross Border Mediation

Wynn Mediation offers highly experienced mediators in cases of cross border family disputes involving children. The service at Wynn Mediation Ltd covers both Hague and non- Hague states involving abduction, relocation, contact and prevention of abduction.

If you are a parent considering relocating to either your country of origin or for work purposes or for any other reason, where you would like the children to move with you, there are important issues to consider before moving.

In international cases Wynn Mediation can assist you both in considering the various options available to you and the opportunity for the children to also have a say.

We work alongside Denise Carter OBE who is an internationally renowned expert in international child relocation and abduction cases, she is familiar with the legal framework or international conventions for these types of cases and has access to an network of international experts.

Mediators are independent to the court process and they are there to assist both parents to focus on the best interests of their child and ensure any agreement is fair to all.

If an agreement is reached it is drawn up into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) The MOU is normally signed by all parties and sent immediately to the parties Solicitors, so they can seek further legal advice.

Finally the MOU would be drawn up into a consent order and placed before the court and registered, certification under the appropriate convention/ regulation or mirrored in the foreign jurisdiction.

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