I have read a recent article in the Law Society Gazette asking a similar question:

Why sack the only people propping up our justice system?

Court staff are papering over the cracks: now we’re set to hand them a P45.”

“Now we hear that court staff numbers are due to be reduced from 16,500 to 10,000. Mass redundancies appear inevitable and further court closures seem to be in the pipeline.

Let’s be clear: the system as it stands cannot cope with fewer people. It barely manages with the people it has. Cutting this number of staff means either making the system worse or fundamentally changing how we administer justice in this country. Anyone trying to argue differently is either blind to the consequences or is simply not telling the truth…”

Sadly, this affects people who place so much faith in the court system to receive justice and who are willing to put their lives on hold in the belief a judge will sort it all out.

As a family mediator, I hear of the frustratingly long delays suffered by people whose lives are halted and of the problems involved in attending a family court.

This is not intended by me as a criticism of the family justice system but it is vital that people who are in difficulty in sorting out family disputes are aware of the accessibility of high quality family mediation. Their dispute may be about resolving  an agree structure for  child arrangements or about financial and property issues, where the parties involved are confused about the steps they need to take towards achieving resolution.

FAMILY MEDIATION does exist to assist people in arriving at good fair and rational solutions that involve sensitivity and a safe neutral third party and a fair place to hold discussions without judgement and with access to lawyers if needed during the course of mediation.

The process can be put in place quickly and at cost effective rates.

There is no compulsion to mediate but frequently people manage to settle their disputes merely from attending the first confidential and individual meeting with an accredited family mediator who is available to listen and also to signpost appropriate agencies who can help to resolve their difficulties without recourse to the court.

For those who qualify there remains the possibility of applying for legally aided family mediation.

If you are interested in giving family mediation a try, then please contact  Tricia Muzalewski at Wynn Mediation, 612 – 614 London Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex SS0 9HW

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P MUZALEWSKI, FMCA WYNN MEDIATION                                                                           May 2018